July 17, 2022


How does the Ticketed Author system work?

The ticketed author system is in place for high-traffic authors (who we anticipate will have long lines) where we will distribute numbered wristbands–free of charge–to help with line control. This is also a great way to ensure that attendees aren’t stuck in one line for an extended period of time.
Some authors are listed as “ticketed”  before the event (see below for this year’s authors), so that attendees will know how to better navigate/plan for their lines if they choose to visit those author tables.
During the signing sessions, we will call out numbers (usually in increments of 15-25 at a time) for those authors’ lines. Once the number on your wristband for that author has been called, you will be able to line up. We will be calling out numbers over the loudspeaker, as well as writing them on the whiteboard display that will be next to the STAFF/INFO table in each signing room.
It’s okay if you don’t get in line immediately; you’ll be able to line up at any time after your numbers have been called.
The only ticketed author whose (numbered) wristbands will be available at registration before each signing will be Jennifer L. Armentrout. All other “pre-ticketed” (aka the ones listed below) authors will have numbered wristbands distributed at the end of their line (as needed/when the line gets full) during each signing session. Wristbands are distributed ONE PER PERSON/physical body at the author’s line first come, first served. 
If all available wristbands have distributed, don’t fret! We will open all ticketed author lines once all numbers have been called. At that time, we will indicate on the whiteboard (where we track the numbers called) “LINE OPEN” which means you will no longer need a numbered wristband to get in that author’s line.
**PLEASE NOTE: There will be some authors who were not previously listed as “ticketed” who we will ticket during the signing(s) should we find that their lines are getting too long. Should this occur, we will have a staff member at that author’s line (at the end of their line) to distribute wristbands at that time. And the same process from above will apply.

Which authors are ticketed?

Brigid Kemmerer
C.N. Crawford
Christina Lauren
Helena Hunting
Holly Renee
Jennifer L. Armentrout
Jodi Picoult
K.A. Tucker
K.F. Breene
Karina Halle
Katee Robert
Kristen Ashley
Meghan Quinn
Sawyer Bennett
Scarlett St. Clair

For All Attendees:

  • We will have staff monitoring ALL LINES throughout each signing session. If you have any concerns/questions while in the signing rooms, you can find any of our ApollyCrew (who will have t-shirts/badges) on the floor, or head over to the “Staff/Info” table near the whiteboard in the room for assistance.
  • Please be mindful of our book per line/table visit policy: NO MORE THAN THREE (3) BOOKS or ITEMS PER LINE VISIT. If you plan to have more than 3 books/items for a ticketed author, you will need to wait until all numbers have been called/we open that author’s line to get back in line after your first “ticketed” (numbered wristband) trip through their line.
  • The only ticketed author wristbands we will be giving out at registration will be for author Jennifer L. Armentrout. If you’re a Titan ticket holder, you will only be able to pick up ONE WRISTBAND for JLA for the (Friday) TITAN signing on either Thursday or Friday at registration (upon check-in). *Titan ticket holders can pick up their JLA wristband for Saturday’s signing as of Saturday AM. Deity ticket holders can pick up their JLA wristbands at registration starting Thursday PM (after the Titan-only registration hours).
  • Speaking of JLA: This year, we are happy to announce that we will have a Jennifer L. Armentrout author signature stamp (that is an ApollyCon exclusive design) in both signing rooms where attendees can get stamped into their books/on their items! This is optional for all ticket holders, but a great way to ensure that if you have more than the 3-book/items for JLA, you’ll be able to get a fancy custom stamp to get her “signature” on the additional books/items! 🙂 The stamp will be located at the “STAFF/INFO” table in each signing room upon request for the duration of the event.
  • You’ll be able to get in line at any time after your number has been called, however, we will not honor ticketed wristband numbers within the final 15 minutes of the end of that signing session. For example: If you have number 150 for author Jennifer L. Armentrout during the Titan signing, and if we’ve called your number at 4:30PM, you will have until 6:45PM (as the Titan signing ends at 7PM) to get in her line in order for us to honor your “place” in line. If you get in her line after 6:45PM, we will not be able to guarantee that you will be able to make it through her line before the session ends.
  • NOTE: It is possible that some authors may elect to stay later on Friday (Titan signing), and if so, we will not allow anyone (with or without a wristband) to get in their lines after the signing session ends.
  • Authors will not be staying late/signing after the end time of each session on Saturday. (This includes author Jennifer L. Armentrout.) The reason for this is because the hotel will need to flip the rooms for our evening event Saturday night. If you have a preorder for a ticketed author, we will still work with our authors and attendees to ensure they’re able to get their preorders to you if time runs out during their signing session.

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