Event Tips



Getting To ApollyCon:


From Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport

  • 2401 Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport Access Rd, Arlington, VA 22202
  • Get on US-1 S/N Henry St in Alexandria from George Washington Mem Pkwy
  • Continue on US-1 S.
  • Take I-495 N/I-95 N to National Harbor Blvd in Fort Washington.

From Dulles International Airport

  • Take Rudder Rd, Autopilot Dr and Aviation Dr to Dulles Access Rd
  • Follow Dulles Access Rd and I-495 S to National Harbor Blvd in Fort Washington.
  • Take the National Harbor exit from I-495 E/I-95 N
  • Drive to Waterfront St

Where do I Park?

Valet is $64.00 daily
ApollyCon Rate is discounted for ApollyCon Attendees staying at the Gaylord for $27.30(30% off the regular daily rate)
Standard Daily Rate: for over 3 hours is $39.00
When you check-in, please let them know you are parked in the garage and are with ApollyCon. Your room key will give you access to enter and leave the garage at that rate; the final amount will be added to your room bill when you check out.
For more information on other parking options, please check the ApollyCon Attendee Facebook Group

Now that I am at the event what Tips do you have?

We have so many tips and tricks and if you would like more details on each of these please make sure to stop by the ApollyCon Attendees Facebook Group, it is a great asset to have when it comes to planning your time with ApollyCon and for keeping up with all the announcements and information!


  • Prep your books by tagging them (if you haven’t already) with sticky notes on the title page.
    •  Include your name in bold letters on the sticky note if you want your book personalized or write ‘no personalization’.  You can bring a few of these stickies and recycle them into your next books, just don’t forget to get them back from each author!


  • Pro-Tip:  Use a Sharpie for writing your name so that it is dark and clear for authors to see.  Also, bring a few Sharipes with you, or any specialty pens you will want.  While authors will have pens to sign in they won’t have a specific color or type of pen needed (ie fabric or metallic) if that’s what you like/need.


  • When can I line up for registration or events?
    • Lines open ONE hour prior to Registration or any event opening.
  • Pro Tip: Do not line up prior to that one-hour mark, you will be asked to move along which makes everyone uncomfortable.


  • My Ticket has a Group designation, why?
    • First: If you are a Titan ticket holder, the group designation does not apply to the Friday Titan signing. For that signing and that signing only, Titan ticket holders are able to float between the signing rooms for the length of the signing time.
    • Groups allow us to spread everyone out and give you all room to move and breathe more comfortably.
    • Every Group on Saturday goes to the ENTIRE event.  Group A will start their day in the Independence Center, Group B in the Regency Ballroom.  After returning from the lunch break Group A will move to the Regency Ballroom and Group B to the Independence Center.
    • If you plan to be with friends, you want to make sure your Group designations are the same otherwise you will not be in the same room together during the signing on Saturday.


  • How does the Ticketed Author system work?
    • The ticketed author system is in place for high-traffic authors (who we anticipate will have long lines) where we will distribute numbered wristbands–free of charge–to help with line control. This is also a great way to ensure that attendees aren’t stuck in one line for an extended period of time.
    • Some authors are listed as “ticketed” prior to the event (see here for 2024’s ticketed authors), and attendees will be able to pick up those numbered wristbands at the author’s line, except for Jennifer L. Armentrout and Rebecca Yarros, whoms wristbands will be handed out at Registration.
    • During the signing sessions, we will call out numbers (usually in increments of 15-25 at a time) for those author’s lines, and you’ll be able to line up once your wristband’s number has been called. It’s okay if you don’t get in line right away; you’ll be able to line up at any time after your numbers have been called.
NOTE: We will ticket some authors who were not previously listed as “ticketed” during the signing(s) should we find that their lines are getting too long. Should this occur, we will have a staff member at that author’s line (at the end of their line) to distribute wristbands at that time. The same process from above will apply.
  • For All Attendees:
  • Lines DO NOT open until ONE(1) hour prior to any event opening.
  • You MUST register before getting in the Ticketed Author wristband line.
  • Attendees may ONLY pick up wristbands for tickets in THEIR name.
  • Please let the staff know if you are a Group A or B ticket when picking up JLA/RY wristbands.
  • Attendees will NOT be allowed to ‘hold spots’ in the line for other Attendees.
  • If you are with a group and want your wristband numbers to be close to one another, you need to:
    • 1. ALL be present
    • 2. Let the staff know at Registration for JLA/RY wristbands, that you are ALL together and want to stand in lines together. If we don’t know, we can’t accommodate you.



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