July 17, 2022


How does the Ticketed Author system work?

The ticketed author system is in place for high-traffic authors (who we anticipate will have long lines) where we will distribute numbered wristbands–free of charge–to help with line control. This is also a great way to ensure that attendees aren’t stuck in one line for an extended period of time.
Some authors are listed as “ticketed” before the event (see below for this year’s authors), and attendees will be able to pick up those numbered wristbands (for either the Friday Titan or Saturday General signing session) at registration.
During the signing sessions, we will call out numbers (usually in increments of 15-25 at a time) for those authors’ lines, and you’ll be able to line up once your wristband’s number has been called. It’s okay if you don’t get in line immediately; you’ll be able to line up at any time after your numbers have been called.
NOTE: There will be some authors who were not previously listed as “ticketed” who we will ticket during the signing(s) should we find that their lines are getting too long. Should this occur, we will have a staff member at that author’s line (at the end of their line) to distribute wristbands at that time. And the same process from above will apply.

Which authors are ticketed?:  TBA


For All Attendees:

  • Lines DO NOT open until ONE(1) hour prior to any event opening.
  • You MUST register before getting in the Ticketed Author wristband line.
  • Attendees may ONLY pick up wristbands for tickets in THEIR name.
  • Wristband numbers are given out RANDOMLY.
  • Please let the staff know if you are a Group A or B ticket when picking up Saturday wristbands.
  • Attendees will NOT be allowed to ‘hold spots’ in the line (to pick up wristbands) for other Attendees.
  • If you are with a group and want your wristband numbers to be close to one another, you need to
    • 1. ALL be present
    • 2. Let the staff know at the table, that you are ALL together and want to stand in lines together. If we don’t know, we can’t accommodate you.
    • Titan ticket holdersAs a perk of your ticket, you will be able to pick up wristbands for the Friday Titan Signing starting on Thursday. If you find that you NEED more wristbands for the Saturday General Signing you will pick those up on Saturday morning.
    • Deity ticket holders: Ticketed Author wristbands will be available for pick up starting on Friday when Registration opens.


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