Bonus Scenes

February 14, 2023

BONUS SCENE: Nyktos ASITE POV – Holding On

Blood. I needed it. But it kept leaking out of me, seeping from the ragged wounds across my chest. Fucking dakkais. I tossed the soaked towel aside, ignoring the scream of pain as the movement pulled at the skin that should’ve healed by now. I grabbed a new towel to ruin,…

May 14, 2022

Bonus Scene with Poppy and Cas- Cupcakes an Kisses

A featherlight touch to my cheek and then my brow stirred me awake. Rolling onto my side, I lifted my lashes. Vibrant amber eyes met mine. Beautiful eyes. Beloved ones. The happy surprise of seeing him sitting on the bed beside me chased the cobwebs of sleep away. “Cas,” I whispered,…

March 16, 2020

BONUS: Unedited – Zayne POV – The Dark Elements

May I?    Layla actually ran from me.  I stared at the door, clamping down on the instinctual urge to give chase. That baseline desire was there, inherent because it was what Wardens did whenever something ran from us, but there was a far stronger reason for the need that had…

March 16, 2020

BONUS: Unedited – Tessa and Jase – The Kiss

The Kiss    I can do this.   Standing a few feet from the guest bedroom door, I said those four words one more time to myself, hoping they’d give me the courage to knock. I can do this.   Inhaling deeply, I forced the lungful of air out very slowly. My knees were knocking together…

March 16, 2020

BONUS: Unedited – ROTH POV 2

Having Layla in my place—the only structure with four walls—that I claimed as a home knocked off kilter. Every cell in my body was hyperaware of each little breath she took, each time she shifted, even in the slightest. Her being here had my skin tingling to change forms.   And man,…

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