Bonus Scenes

March 16, 2020

BONUS: Unedited – DAEMON POV 1

Never in my whole damn life had I ever been so scared.  I thought it had been the moment I realized Kat had gone out there by herself, baiting that Arum to protect my sister and I.   I’d been wrong.   When I realized Blake had been working for the Daedalus, I’d…

March 16, 2020

BONUS: Unedited – Cam and Avery – That’s Forever

That’s Forever     No matter how many times Cam brought me home to visit his family, I was still so nervous I feared I’d break out in hives and have to be rushed to the E.R., and how embarrassing would that be?  It was just that I… that I wasn’t used…

March 16, 2020

BONUS: Unedited – Cam and Avery – POSITIVE

“Positive. As in positive.”    Sitting on the rim of the tub, I twisted my hair into a coppery rope as I stared at the sink. Knots the size of my fists had formed in my stomach. At first, my head was completely empty. I wasn’t thinking anything. Nothing. And now…

March 16, 2020

BONUS: Unedited Cam and Avery Anniversary

   Fingers glided lazily from the nape of my neck, down to the base of my spine and then lower, over the curve of my bottom. A wash of cool air moved over my exposed skin. My lips curved into a smile as I blinked open my eyes. I wiggled my toes,…

March 16, 2020

BONUS: Unedited Aiden POV Scene 2

Listening to Alex bound up the stairs like a horde of daimons were chasing her, a slight smile pulled at my lips.   My gaze fell to the glass of wine and then shot to the door.  In my chest, my heart pounded like a jackhammer. What was I doing?  I knew exactly what…

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