April 19, 2023

ApollyCon 2024 – Event Guide PDF!

2024 Event Guide: TBA

February 14, 2023

BONUS SCENE: Nyktos ASITE POV – Holding On

Blood. I needed it. But it kept leaking out of me, seeping from the ragged wounds across my chest. Fucking dakkais. I tossed the soaked towel aside, ignoring the scream of pain as the movement pulled at the skin that should’ve healed by now. I grabbed a new towel to ruin,…

May 14, 2022

Bonus Scene with Poppy and Cas- Cupcakes an Kisses

A featherlight touch to my cheek and then my brow stirred me awake. Rolling onto my side, I lifted my lashes. Vibrant amber eyes met mine. Beautiful eyes. Beloved ones. The happy surprise of seeing him sitting on the bed beside me chased the cobwebs of sleep away. “Cas,” I whispered,…

May 27, 2021

Thankful Thursday: Bookstagram Love (44)

It’s THANKFUL THURSDAY! I love seeing your posts, comments, photos, and memes online, so I wanted to give a weekly shout-out as a THANK YOU! It’s time for some #Bookstagram spotlights of some of the posts that I’ve seen (and loved) recently!   THIS WEEK’S PHOTO THEME: BOOKS & FLOWERS 🙂 …

March 20, 2021

Who Wants To Read the First 3 Chapters of TCOGB?

We’re officially 30 days away from the release of THE CROWN OF GILDED BONES! To celebrate our countdown to book THREE of the Blood and Ash series, I wanted to share the first THREE chapters to help hold you over until release day on April 20th. Ready to dive in? Click…

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