BONUS: Unedited – LUX Extra Scenes – 1

March 16, 2020


Scene 1 


I stared at the two Luxen males who rarely ventured out of the colony. There weren’t very much older than me, but they stood in front of me like two fresh recruits about to enter the marines.  

“We’re r-ready to begin patrolling,” one said, looking everywhere but in the eye. Yeah, I was going to have to do a hard pass on this guy being ready.  

Beside me, Adam chuckled as he eyed the two guys. “An Arum would eat you alive, spit you back out, and then suck you down like a smoothie.” 

The other Luxen blanched, and I thought he might hurl.  

I sighed.  

Helping out preparing these two ass hats on how to patrol for Arum and not get killed in the process was not how I wanted to spend my afternoon.   

Especially when Kat was with Dee, and even though I’d asked Dee to make sure they stayed home since Kat was virtually a glow stick, I knew that my sister ultimately did whatever she wanted.  

As did Kat.  

But stepping in and making sure members of the colony were ready to patrol kept the elders off my back, so I was going to have to deal. And really it wasn’t that bad if I was being honest with myself. I got to be in my true form, and damn, that was like stripping off clothes on a too-hot day. There was nothing like the wind glancing off the skin when you hit speeds that even fastest cars struggled to get to.   

Just thinking about it got my heart pumping.  

“This is boring,” muttered Andrew. 

 I smirked.  

It had also been damn amusing to drag Adam and Andrew along to help out. Neither wanted to be there. Adam stayed relatively quiet as we ran the newbies around the whole damn mountain, pushing the to run harder and faster. Andrew bitched the entire time. No big surprise there.  

The one who looked like he was going to puke stepped forward. I think his name was Mitchell. Maybe Mikey. I was going to go with Mitchell. “I know we’re not as strong or fast as any of you, but we are ready.” 

“Yeah, you’re about ready to die,” Andrew replied, snorting.  

I shot him a warning look. “Way to be motivational.” 

He rolled his eyes. “Whatever.” 

Stepping forward, I clapped my hand on maybe Mitchell’s shoulder. “It’s just not about being fast and strong.  It’s about focusing and preparing for the worse. It’s about outsmarting the enemy and anticipating their next move.  

“But being fast and strong helps,” Andrew chimed in, and maybe I should’ve left his ass back at the house. “Like I’m stronger than Daemon.” 

“What?” I dropped my hand and turned around, arching a brow. “Are you on drugs?” 

“High on life, man.” He winked. “And I’m totally stronger than you.” 

I smirked. “If you sincerely believe that, then you are high.” 

 “Huh.” Andrew shot Adam a look as he swaggered up to me. I watched him snatch up a small rock. “You see that tree over there?” He pointed at an ancient fern several yards away. “I bet I can throw this rock right through the middle.” 

“And you think I can’t?” 

“I know you can’t.” Andrew turned to maybe Mitchell and his nameless buddy. “What do you think, guys?”  

They looked nervous, not wanting to answer.  

“I bet Andrew can do it,” Adam said, shoving his hands into the pockets of jeans. “And I bet you can’t.” 

They were out of their damn minds. “You’re going to make me embarrass you.” 

“I’ll take that risk.” Andrew tossed the rock up and caught. “It’s a bet then?” 

Why the hell not? I nodded.  

“Perfect.” Andrew took several steps back and squinted at the huge fern. A second later, he slipped into his true form and he let the rock fly.  

He didn’t throw that rock like a human would. Using the Source, he turned it into a damn missile. It flew through the air faster than the eye could track. Bark splintered when the rock made contact and embedded deep.  

Maybe Mitchell let out an exclamation of wonder.  

Andrew grinned as he faced me. “Beat that.” 

I snorted as I picked up a rock that was smaller than my palm. “Easy. And I can do it without even switching forms.” 

“You know what Dee was telling me the other day?” Adam asked as I stepped back. “It’s real interesting.”
Ignoring him, I lifted my right arm. The two tools from the colony exchanged looks. Source rippled down my arm. 

Adam continued. “She was saying that Katy and Simon would make an amazing couple. She thinks he’ll ask Katy to homecoming too, and you know what happens after homecoming. Someone will be getting—” 

I looked at him sharply as I let go of the rock. Adam better not be suggesting what I pretty sure he was. The only thing Simon looked good with was my fist, sure as hell not Kat.  

Glancing back at the tree, I cursed. That tiny moment of distraction cost me and screwed up my aim. The rock had zoomed past the tree, missing it by a mile.  Dammit. 

Adam laughed as he elbowed his brother. “See, guys, focus actually is as important as strength.” 

I lifted my hand and flipped them off. Both burst into laughter, and I rolled my eyes as I bent, picking up another rock. This one was about the size of my hand. I turned to them. “I’m not going to miss this time and I won’t be aiming for the trees.” 

My threat made them laugh all the harder. I scowled as I turned away. At least the two ass hats from the Colony weren’t laughing. They looked scared. A heartbeat passed and then I spun, throwing the rock.  

Adam darted to the left, narrowly avoided taking a direct hit. “What the hell?” he shouted, eyes narrowed. “You could’ve messed up this gorgeous face.” 

Tipping my head back, it was now my turn to laugh. “I think you need to look in the mirror if you think that’s gorgeous.” 

“Ha,” Andrew said, grinning. 

“We’re identical.” Adam shook his head at his twin. “He’s insulting both of us, you idiot.” 

Grinning, I wiped my hands off my jeans, but the humor quickly faded as realization set in, slamming into me with the force of a speeding bullet. The mere mention of Kat’s name had distracted me, pulled away my focus. This time it was just a stupid bet, but what if it had been something more serious, like if an Arum had been around? 

People could die.  

Closing my eyes, I swore under my breath. This thing with Kat… it was getting ridiculous, and it was unacceptable.  

Completely unacceptable.  



Page Break 

Scene 2 


I was going to throttle my sister.  

I had no idea how ‘stay indoors’ was so hard to follow when she was with Kat. As soon as those two got together, common sense nosedived off the roof of a nearby building.  

Today they weren’t staying home.  

I’d watched them from living room window. Within fifteen minutes of getting home from school, Kat’s front door had swung open, and I’d expected, out they came, walking straight for Kat’s car. 

Dee’s arms were empty, but Kat was carrying a stack of books. She carefully placed them in the backseat of her car. I was surprised she didn’t buckle the books in.  

Kat climbed in behind the wheel and Dee got in on the passenger side. As Kat backed the car out of the driveway, I resisted the urge to bang my head against the window and pushed away from the glass.  

I went outside and jogged down the porch, into the fading glare of the afternoon sun. Kat’s car disappeared from view. I crossed the driveway and picked up speed once I was among the trees. I easily caught up with them at the end of the room. When Kat hung a right, I knew she was heading to town.  

Slipping into my true form, I was able to follow them into town. Felt like a damn stalker, and I was going to blame my sister for that. I wouldn’t have to keep tailing them if they just stayed in one place until that traced faded. Until then, I would literally be a few yards behind them. I wouldn’t let my sister get hurt.  

And I would also keep… Kat safe.  

It was becoming a full time job.  

Couldn’t say I was entirely surprised when Kat pulled into a parking space outside of the library, one not too far from where she was attacked.  

Not even an Arum nearly strangling her to death would keep her away from books. God.  

Slowing down, I stayed about a block back. Last thing I needed was Kat catching sight of me. They got out of the car, and Kat opened the back door, grabbing the stack of books. Assuming she was returning books to the library, I waited until they entered the building before I drifted closer.  

How in the world did that girl read so much? There were so many piles of books placed throughout her house; she could operate her own personal library. And then add that atop any reading assignments for school? 

Kat was such a nerd. 

For some reason, the corners of my lips tipped up in a wry grin as I walked along the side of the library. From my vantage point I’d be able to see them without being seen.  

I leaned against the warm brick wall. Man, I was such a stalker right now. Shaking my head, I pulled out my phone. The things I did to keep my sister safe. Tapping on an app, I opened up Candy Crush. 

Level 852 was a real bitch.  

About fifteen minutes later, I heard Kat’s husky laugh. The fact I actually recognized her laugh annoyed me. Closing the app, I slipped my phone in my pocket and inched toward the corner of the building. A few seconds later, I saw them hit the sidewalk.  

I stiffened. 

Dee glanced around, and even though she couldn’t see through the back of her head, she could sense I was nearby. I was going to catch so much shit about that later, but her out roaming around with Kat when the latter looked like a damn light blub was dangerous.  

My sister cleared her throat. “So why did just take those books inside the library and put them randomly on shelves?” 

I blinked. Huh? 

Kat laughed again as she glanced over at Dee. She was carrying two more books, ones that must’ve checked out. Again, how in the hell did she read so much? It was like a super power. 

A nerdy super power 

“It’s just something that my dad and I used to do before he… before he got sick.” She switched the books to her other arm. “He believed in sharing the books you love the most, so that other people can experience them too. It’s something I still did after he passed, but haven’t had a chance to do it since I moved here. I know it’s kind of corny, but… it’s a way of honoring him. At least for me.” 

“It’s not corny. Not at all,” Dee replied, smiling at her.  

They crossed the narrow street, and I couldn’t hear whatever they were saying to each other. Didn’t really matter that I couldn’t, because I was staring at her and I was thinking about… about Dawson.  

About how I still spent at least one day a week marathoning anything on TV that was ghost related, because that’s what I used to do with Dawson. Sure, it wasn’t as giving as what Kat was doing, but it was the same.  

She was honoring her father’s memory. 

I was honoring Deacon’s.  

And I could totally respect that. Nothing about it was corny, because it was those things that helped ease the grief of losing someone who was such an intricate part of your life.  

I turned that over in my mind all the way home, and later, in the middle of the night, when I couldn’t sleep and decided to patrol instead of staring at the ceiling, I thought about how weird it was.  

Kat, a nerdy little human, and I, totally not a nerdy little human, had something in common. Not a shallow bond like we enjoyed the same movies or shows. No. This was the kind of similarity no one, human or Luxen wanted to share, but we did, despite all of our differences.  

And that made her more… real to me.  

Page Break 

Scene 3 


Stepping off the porch, I stopped as I heard the engine of Kat’s car groaning as it turned over without starting up. The sound was familiar. Battery was dead. Knowing her, she probably left a light on or something.  

The hood popped as she unlocked it from the inside. Kat threw open the driver’s door and walked around to the hood of her car. The faded denim jeans she was wearing should be illegal.  

Reaching down to wrap her fingers around the edges, she tensed and then looked over in my direction.  

Smirking, I lifted my hand and wiggled my fingers at her.  

Her eyes narrowed. “What?” 


She stared at me a moment longer and the turned back to her car, lifting the hood and hooking it into place.  Then she stepped back, put her hands on her hips and stared at the engine.  

My grin spread.  

She reached into the engine and wiggled wires like that was going to do something beneficial. Sort of cute. Desperate. But cute. She then clasped her fingers around the hood and leaned in. The cast on her arm was a huge freaking eyesore.  

Of course my gaze zeroed right in on a certain asset of hers.  

I managed to pull my gaze away before I gave myself a damn eyestrain. Walking toward my car, I opened the passenger door and tossed my books on the seat. I closed the door and then walked across the small patch of grass and onto her driveway.  

Kat stiffened but ignored me as I walked up the side of the car. “I don’t think wiggling wires is going to help.” 

Letting go of the hood, she glared in my direction with stormy eyes. “Are you a mechanic or something? A special hidden car talent I know nothing about?” 

I laughed under my breath. “You actually don’t know anything about me.”  

Her lips pursed. “I count that as a blessing.” 

“I bet you do,” I murmured as I stepped closer to front of her car, forcing her to take a step back.  

She sighed. “Hello. I was standing there.” 

“You’re not standing there anymore.” Using my body to shield what I was doing, I ran the tips of my fingers along the battery, sending a jolt of high-powered energy into it. “Anyway, you try turning it on one more time.” 



“It’s not going to work.” 

Turning to her, I smiled tightly. “Just try it, Kitten.” 

Her cheeks flushed. “Don’t call me that.” 

“I wouldn’t call you that if you were sitting in your car, turning it on,” I replied reasonably.  

“Oh my God,” she griped and then pivoted. She stomped around to the driver’s side. “Whatever.” 

I arched a brow as she all but threw herself into the car and turned the ignition. The battery sparked to life and the engine turned over, starting the car. Too bad the hood blocked the windshield, because I would’ve paid good money to see her face. That being said, I really didn’t have time for this crap. Lowing the bar, I closed the hood, locking it into place.  

Kat was staring out the windshield, lips parted.  

“See you at school.” I paused. “Kitten.” 

I grinned as I heard her shriek.  




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