LUX SERIES – Cover Model Interview

Some of you guys may  remember that I mentioned last week an interview with the incredible models featured on the Obsidian covers. You know who I’m talking about.

Yep. These guys.


At first, I was all like this:


(Yes, that is ME falling off a couch. And no, I really didn’t fall off a couch last week. But when I did… it was because, well, a little drinkie drinkie). 

Mainly because when I get to see the covers for the first time, I was shocked by how much these two resembled the characters I had written so much that I was like WOW. So I’m  super excited to share this with you guys.

Meet Pepe Toth and Sztella Tziotziosz, the cover models featured on the Lux series (Shadows, Obsidian, and the forthcoming Onyx and Opal covers), coming to you from Hungary!

(I wonder who won Guitar Hero?)

QuestionReaders of the Lux Series are rabid about finding out any information concerning you two. I’m pretty sure there’s an entire Goodreads forum dedicated to it. So can you both give a short introduction?

       Sztella: My name is Sztella Tziotziosz. I’m 23 years old. I’m half  Greek from my father.  I learn communication at a university in my hometown and also work for our family company. I finished a cosmetician school and I’m a make-up artist too.

Pepe:  I’m Peter Toth and also 23 years old. I have a 16 years old brother and we have a lovely family. I’m professional soccer player and my brother is basketball player.


QuestionA little birdie told that you two are engages? True? If so, how did you two meet, who asked who out, and how long have you’ve been engaged?

      Pepe: Respect for the well trained bird which can fly from here to the States J We met first at a birthday party when we were 12! We saw each other 2 years later and started to speak after I invited her for a date. It was a very decisive and special day.


So yes, it’s true. We’ve been engaged since 2010 August. It happened on Cyprus when we went diving at an amazing place where the sea is very clean and sky blue. A day before I stowed away a bottle of champagne with two glasses under the sand in the shoal water marked with two stones. While we were diving, suddenly I said to Sztella I found something, something deep down…Something very shiny. I swam down and brought up the ring for her. And now you know her answer…


(Um, any guys reading this? Take note. That’s how you propose. Seriously.)


Question: What do you like to do in your spare time?

Stzella/Pepe: We spend our free time together almost every time. We are in love and we also found best friends in each other. Of course we have other very good friends and we go out often to cinema, partying and just chillin’. We have a friend who teaches Buddhist philosophy and sometimes we’re doing meditation and yoga together.


(I think I’m officially in love with these two. That is all.)


Question: What does it feel like being on the Lux Series book covers?

       Sztella/Pepe: It was very extraordinary when we found the pictures on the books.  We couldn’t hold these books in our hands yet, but sure we will start to read immediately when we get. We are very proud for that. It was very extraordinary when we found the pictures on the books.  We couldn’t hold these books in our hands yet, but sure we will start to read immediately when we get. We are very proud for that.


Question: Sztella, so many people have commented on how gorgeous you are.Have you’ve always wanted to be a model?

 Sztella: When I was younger I had simpler dreams, a happy family with lot of kids. Now I have the same dream, but I want a personal career too. After the first photo shoot came the next one and I started to love those creative things.


      Question:  A lot of readers think you make the perfect Daemon, Pepe. As one reader has said, “Every male lead now looks like Pepe Toth. ..No matter the description 🙂” How does it feel knowing that thousands of readers picture YOU as the character Daemon?

Pepe: Sounds not bad. I’m like a bad Daemon outside, but good inside in the real life. I haven’t read the book, so I can’t get a feel of the character Daemon yet. I really want to know his personality. 


(Let’s just say that Pepe is a lot sweeter than Daemon and call it a day)

Question: You’re a pro sports player, Pepe? What sport do you play? Team?

Pepe: I started to play soccer when I was 6. I did well, so I went to the best soccer academy in Hungary when I was 15. I played in an all youth national teams from age 15 to 20.  (We had the most successful young team in Hungary’s football history.) I signed a contract to Cyprus in 2009.  Right now I play in Hungary.  I’m still on my way to becoming a good player and play on a high level.


Question: Anything else you guys would like to add?

Pepe/Sztella: We would like to meet with the fans and get closer with them.

(Well, we are well on our way to making that happen! Wink. Wink.)





I want to thank Pepe and Sztella for taking time out to answer these questions and for joining us today! I personally think they may a wonderful Katy and Daemon, and probably one of the most adorable couples I’ve had the pleasure of talking to.


We’ve got some big BIG things in the works for the future, and we can’t wait to share them!


And just because, here is a teaser from Onyx, from Daemon.

Laughing under his breath, Daemon straightened. At his full height, he was a good head taller. “It’s always nice to meet another fan.”