The Darkest Star Pre Order Perks!

“Kitten,” Daemon murmured, voice thick with sleep and eyes still closed. “Are you watching me sleep.” A pause. “Again.”

The exciting and amazing pre order perks are finally here for The Darkest Star.

Pre Order The Darkest Star (releases October 30th) through any of the below methods (from ANY retailer in any format–print, digital, audio) and then submit your proof of purchase to receive THE PACKAGE, the first Daemon and Kat bonus scene in several years, and The Darkest Star inspired nail polish.


Signed/Personalized hardcover of the Darkest Star
Signed/Personalized hardcover of the Darkest Star & curated Bookish Box

Once you pre order The Darkest Star, go HERE to submit proof. If you get an error message and you’re on your phone, please use a computer. If that’s not possible, email your proof to  and they’ll make sure you’re added.

  • These perks are being offered by the U.S. Publisher (Tor). Other countries and publishers are capable of offering a similar pre order perk. They will need to offer the bonus scene and the nail polish, and that is something that is beyond my control.
  • If you live outside the U.S. but have purchased a U.S. version through Book Depository, Bookish Box, or some other U.S. retailer, submit the form to receive the bonus scene. You can use my PO Box address (found under FAQ) as a US address, but you will NOT receive the nail polish.
  • You must purchase a first edition of The Darkest Star in hardcover, digital (ebook) or audio. ARCS do not count.
  • If you’ve pre ordered already, whether it be through a retailer or through the Bookish Box, submit your proof of order. These items are not related to the box and are not included in them. You MUST submit proof of pre order to receive them.

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  1. There is an error showing up every time I try to submit my proof of purchase for pre-order of darkest star.

  2. hello!
    I’m Érika…I have a doubt, because I pre ordered “the darkest star” in bookdepository, so I can’t submit to the Daemon and katy scene?
    Thank you!

  3. I keep getting an error message when I try to submit

  4. Me too re: the error message. relived to see it’s not just me.

  5. I keep getting an error too! I ordered mine from the bookish shop with the entire package and when I tried to take a picture of the email I got and submit it, it didn’t work!

  6. Glad to see I’m not the only one receiving the error message, hope it’s fixed soon!!

  7. Wow! this is exciting but I am also getting an “error message”

  8. Keep getting error code when i try to submit… ugh

  9. I love these books!
    I love all your books!
    I just love you, okay!!

  10. Error over and over again. I have been trying for hours

  11. Are you supposed to get a confirmation email after you submit the proof? I was able to register, but I did not get any emails from macmillion

  12. I tried submitting the first time and an error message “failed to subscribe user” appeared. I tried again for a second time and it worked! So the error should be fixed now

    1. Are you using your mobile device or a computer?

  13. it won’t work!!!! Noooo….. someone help please I need more Daemon in my life.

  14. If you get an error message and you’re on your phone, please use a computer. If that’s not possible, email your proof to and they’ll make sure you’re added.

  15. if i preorder through Amazon mexico can i still get the perks? it’s supossed to be imported from amazon u.s.a. but i just want to be sure.

  16. I think it Worked but maybe could you check and let me know for sure if it did. I kept getting the error message yesterday so wanna make sure I get my perks for preordering 🙂 need me some more Daemon :))

    1. So the first pic I included was actually the wrong picture I just did it again with the right one.

  17. Hello! preordering a hardcover from (i.e. the german version, since I lIVE in Europe) will I still be entitled to “the Package” offer?

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