The Struggle is out!

The Struggle is out today! YAY.

A bloody path has been chosen…

The war against the Titans continues, and they remain determined to wreak havoc on the world, but Seth has become something all gods fear. Now the most dangerous, most absolute power no longer resides in those who have been freed from their tombs.

The Great War fought by the few is coming…

All may doubt and fear what Seth has become. All except the one woman who might be his final chance at redemption. Josie will do anything to prove that Seth is on their side, but fate has a nasty way of changing lives, of changing people.

In the end, the sun will fall…

The only way they can save the future and save themselves is by facing the unknown together. It will take more than trust and faith. It will take love and the kind of strength not easily broken. No matter what, their lives will never be the same.

For what the gods have feared has come to pass. The end of the old is here and the beginning of the new has been ushered in…


I am so excited for you guys to read The Struggle, the third book in the Titan Series, and to see some of you this weekend at Apollycon, celebrating the release of the book!

Seth ❤️ Josie

There are some major revelations in this book. Some big ones. I cannot wait for you guys to get to them. EEP.


Sunday kicked off the buzz tour for the struggle!

Be sure to follow the blogs participating to check out their posts, and GIVEAWAY!

Tour Schedule:

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March 22 – Jenuine CupcakesQ&A with Drew Leighty

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I have a huge arse giveaway for you guys to celebrate the release of The Struggle. It’s so big, I have to find a box to ship it in. But for Seth, you go big or you go home.

Signed Throne of Glass and ACOTAR by Sarah J. Maas
Signed Lux Series by me
Signed Dark Elements by me
Signed Wicked Series by me
Signed The Return and The Power
Hebel Designs Apollyon bracelet
Assorted Swag
(the owl is just chilling like owls do)

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  1. Wow this is a HUGE giveaway, indeed! I hope I win it. It’ll just make my entire year if I do!!

    Best of luck for The Struggle and for all future releases. I’m completely certain this book will blow our minds away with its awesomeness! How can it possibly not? It has Seth! Enough said.

    All the best for the series and other works in the pipeline.
    Fingers crossed for me! Really hoping i win.

    -lots of love,
    Anam S.

  2. Amazing giveaway !!
    Thank you so much, Jennifer.

    Wish I could win. *fingers crossed* 😉

  3. This giveaway is so amazing! Hope I can win it 🤗

  4. My Gods I can’t believe that this series is ending… it’s one of my favourite ever!! 💕💕

  5. I can’t believe that this series is ending… it’s one of my favourite ever!! 💕💕

  6. Just finished reading The Struggle Omg sooo many feels! That ending though was not expecting that whatsoever! Thanks for the giveaway! 🙂

  7. This is an amazing giveaway! Thank you!

  8. Thank you for creating such awesome characters like seth, josie, deacon, luke, alex and aiden. Congrats on the struggle realease ♥

  9. Congratulations on the release of struggle. I can’t wait to get my hands on it. Thanks for the giveaway I really hope to win it. I am so excited

  10. Amazing giveaway!! Omg…i’m freaking out just dreaming of winning this! Eep!! 😍 love love love!

  11. Awesome! So happy to have found your books

  12. Amazing giveaway !!
    Wish I could win. (fingers crossed)
    especially the lux series :'( I have all of them on my iPad but is an old one and is not letting me reread them :'(
    Thank you so much, Jennifer.

  13. Thanks for the giveaway Jenn!!! you’re amazing!!!!!!!!! 😀
    love you so much!!

  14. This giveaway is a dream come true….fingers crossed and staying that way…. literally awe inspiring and eyes crossed amazing!!!

    thanks so much Jennifer

  15. 😱😱. I love your books!
    Ive never read any of Sarahs books yet 🙈 But would love too, I keep hearing good things about them.
    Thanks so much for the chance. ❤

  16. Oh My god!! This giveaway though!!!! I want, I want, I want!! to win this would be the Best thing ever!!!!!

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