Origin Spoiler Live Show

I haven’t done a live show in a while and I have the hankering to do one. I’d love to discuss Origin and let people ask questions about the book, but it’s kind of hard to do that using the chat function of Livestream, because it’s super hard to keep up with.


So here’s what I came up with.

Do you have a question about Origin or another book/series? Something you’re dying to get more information on? If so, leave your question in the comments of THIS blog post (not on Goodreads) and I will answer the question, if I can, live Tuesday evening. Details below. This will be a spoiler chat, so please don’t attend if you don’t want to be spoiled.

Live Show will be:

Tuesday September 10th
7pm EST

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  1. Now that the convent series and lux series are coming to an end, I know you’ve mentioned gargoyles but any other supernatural books planned that you can share with us? Btw, you’re all kinds of fabulous!

  2. You recently posted on facebook that a new idea popped into your head…can you give us an idea about what it is?? New Adult, Paranormal, Adult…anything??

  3. 1. Is Katy portrayed as the “terrorist” in the news stories after the Vegas incident?

    2. What made you amp up the hot love making sessions between Katy and Daemon? Ps thanks for that πŸ˜‰

    3. What happened to little db? Was he left behind?!

    4. Is there a possible hookup for archer and dee in the next book?

    5. I love reading your books. Thanks for being awesome! πŸ™‚

  4. Where in the heck to all you’re ideas come from? Do you carry a notebook with just in case BAM it hits you? Ok technically that’s two!

  5. Oh wait I forgot another one!!

    If Blake hadn’t been 86’d in the training, would daemon have finished him off upon his arrival to that facility?

    1. I would have loved to see what Daemon would have done…hmmmm, I can’t focus now…must get back to work…stop thinking about Daemon…ahhhhhh….

      However, I loved what actually happened in the book! πŸ™‚

  6. hi, I just had this real stupid question, but still, if Archer and Dee get together, WTH will their child be?
    I love all your book, and thanx for providing such awesome reads, and thanx for being awesome πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  7. 1. Did Daemon not reply when Katy called him in the end because well, it isn’t his REAL name. The Luxen one I mean?
    2. Will they be on opposite sides? Has he forgotten her? Good thing he has the marriage certificates in his pocket.
    3. I keep thinking that there is a reason you got them married (other than them, you know, loving each other). Am I right? Okay, end of verbal diarrhea.

  8. When did you decide to integrate obsession and origin? When I was reading obsession I realized the Lucen was dameon and was curious if that was just a strategy to hold readers over till origins release, or you just wanted to try something different?

  9. Are daemon,dee and dawson gona lose their free will?

  10. I have a strong feeling that dee and Archer are gona b together πŸ˜€

  11. Are the models on the cover of novels going to be in the movies?

  12. When will others know about Daemon n Kattie’s marriage?

  13. Which actors do you think will be good to play the roles in movie?

  14. Will we ever know what Katy’s mom was thinking when (if) she saw Katy on the TV during the Vegas incident?

    Did the Luxen take over Daemon, Dee, and Dawson’s mind?

    Is Blake truly dead? (Sorry had to ask!)

    1. DO NOT EVEN JOKE about Blake…I would not be able to continue on if…no not even finishing that thought…Okay, seriously…I’m getting back to work now… πŸ™‚

  15. Will we see Katy’s mom in the final book? How many In-Case-of-Feels tissue boxes will we need while reading Opposition? What inspired you to do the Sweet Evil reference in Origin?

  16. What was your favorite scene to write and why? And is there any scene that you would like to tweak or rewrite?

  17. 1. Where exactly were the Luxen waiting before they “invaded”. How did they survive where they were?

    2. Ethan has purple eyes – why?

    3. Will we find out how Luc escaped??

    4. The characters on the covers of the first three books did not fit the descriptions in the book (Katy is 17 – and the model looks 24; the model for Daemon is scruffy and greasy and not really built – not at all like he is described in the book. Tank undershirt? Ugh. (Sorry jmoho)). Origin cover much better.

    5. If Daemon et al are near an area with quartzite, wouldn’t the Lux influx presence be diminished?

    6. Did any of the other young Origins make it out of the facility? I know they were used as a diversion, but when the focus turned so much to Katy, Daemon, and Archer, wouldn’t it be possible for some escapees?

    1. Hey Jenna– the same male model is on all the books, from the original cover of Obsidian all the way up to Origin. =)

      1. He looks much better on the Origin cover – cleaned up maybe?

        1. I think it’s just because he’s older on the Origin cover. =)

  18. Will we see more of Hunter (from Obsession and Origin)? I remember Luc mentioned he may need his help one day, does that mean he will be in the next series?

    1. This is my question as well!!! Loved Hunter and would love for Hunter and Daemon to work together even for a chapter or so…WOULD crack me up!!

      1. Do you know when I read that scene in the club in Origin, I thought it was really random…so I googled it to see if anyone else had the same theory, and found Obsession! Love the banter between them, sooo funny!

  19. I think your writing for the lux series is just amazing, the action in it! I was wondering how did you come up with the ideas in Origin or this series in general? Oh and can you give us a hint on if Daemon and Katy will have Origin babies?? Haha. P.s you’re awesome!

    1. that one of my questions to any kittens for our couple πŸ™‚

  20. 1. Will you be writing about Hunter some more? I love him!!! (Which feels all kinds of wrong since he’s an Arum, so kudos to you and your writing!)

    2. As someone said above, why DOES Ethan have purple eyes?? I thought only the origins had those……..

    3. Are Archer & Dee going to be a thing? It certainly seemed that way, but you could’ve just been messing with us. :o)

    4. Will we ever find out how Luc escapes Daedalus? And what his connection to Paris was?

    5. This isn’t a question, just a thought – I have a feeling that the good Luxen (as in the ones who AREN’T trying to take over the Earth) and the good Arum (like Hunter and Dex) are going to end up working together to stop Daedalus and the Earth-invading aliens. I have NO idea how this will end happily. Can’t wait to read Opposition!!!!

  21. 1. Do we find out who the girl, who Luc was protective about at his club, is?
    2. How come Daedalus wasn’t bothered about Katy killing Blake when they want as many hybrids as they can get?
    3. Is it possible for the hybrids to have triplets, or even twins, like the Luxen do? Just wondering whether Beth and Dawson have more to worry about lol.
    4. Are we going to see more of Micah?
    5. Did you go into writing Origin with the idea that Katy and Daemon would marry or did it just sort of come about later?
    6. What happened to the parents of the Origins?
    7. How would you describe the just arrived Luxens influence over Daemon, Dawson and Dee? Is it a bit like the Borg hive mind in Star Treck? And it’s thanks to my dad that I even know what that means lol.

  22. 1.Will there ever be any more spin-off series set in the Luxen world?
    2.In the final book, do you think there will be an epilogue showing Daemon/Katy and their friends way in the future maybe with kids?;)
    3.How might one go about achieving your level of awesomeness?

    Thanks Jen!

  23. 1. Are Dee and Archer going to end up together?
    2. Will we get to hear about Bethany and Dawson’s new baby? Will Daemon tell Dawson about orgins?
    By the way, You are amazing. Bam.

  24. Do you have any plans to write an Arum/Luxen love story? Ever since Obsession the idea kind of popped up in my head, and after Origin the desire to read THAT kind of grew. Thanks πŸ˜‰

    BTW, I loved Origin. It should go without saying, but I figured authors like to hear it anyway πŸ˜€

  25. I love the Lux series. When i first bought it i was a little ify but after I read it and fell in love <3.I even got my friends to read it and they became obsessed with it also. My question is are you going to make a series out of Obsession or if Hunter and Serena will be a big part of Opposition? Thanks! #teamkitten
    P.S. I love how the models for the Lux series are the same from Significance<3

    1. Also forgot to ask was the Cumberland the girls from the Lux series got their dresses from for prom..etc Cumberland, MD? If it was then that’s awesome.

  26. I know I’ve seen this posted above but I would LOVE more Hunter interaction in the next book. Possibility?? However, too much of Daemon and him in the same book may cause mass hysteria and Lord knows what else…

    Okay, I really can’t focus now! :)Luv ya!

  27. Didn’t that one little origin promise katy that he(maybe all the other kid origins too) would help her if she helped free them? I mean they did make sure katy wasn’t shot when they were escaping but i was wondering if they were still going to help in the next book, also were are they now? They just sort of disapeared so where are they staying now?

  28. What does the end of Origin mean? Is it bad or good? Can you pls tell us something (anything) about what is going to happen to the following book?

  29. Do contraceptions really work for the luxen or could there be a litte baby Daemon on it’s way.

      1. Daemon & Dawson had slept with humans before Kat & Beth though?

  30. Why did you have Daemon and Katy get married at such a young age?

  31. In the end of origin, Daemon, Dee, and Dawson all turn into their true shapes and go to the Luxen side…my question is are they aware of what they are doing by siding against Katy and Beth and choosing that or are the Luxen forcing them to side with them and are under somewhat of a mind control?

  32. Heeey! πŸ™‚ huge fan of the series and I was wondering, why can’t hybrids heal? and why are origins so damn amazing?!?!

  33. 1. Can you give any sneak peeks or hints for Sentinel?
    2. Will Daemon and Katy ever have their own little daemon origin babies running around?
    3. What were your inspirations for the Lux and Covenant series?
    4. Do you have any more YA series planned?
    5. Got any news on that shiny new book idea you talked about on fb?
    6. Did you know that you are amazing? jw

  34. Hi! My question isn’t about Origin, but I Loved it. I just finished reading Cursed and I really enjoyed it. I was wondering if you had plans on writing a second book, the ending seemed open ended and I still had a lot of unanswered questions. Oh I hope you plan to write another one πŸ™‚

  35. 1. Will Daemon and Katy get married for real? I mean I know they did, but I mean like legit, with their real names and with everyone there? (I really hope they do!)
    2. In the epilogue of e final book, will there be mention of Daemon and Katy having way adorable Daemon babies? πŸ˜€ eep!
    3. Will Daemon forget about Katy and their relationship? πŸ™ Will he and Katy be fighting against each other? πŸ™ please I hope not… That would totally blow if so πŸ™
    4. Will Opposition be the longest book in the series? πŸ™‚
    5. Will there be lots more hot and steamy love scenes for Daemon and Katy in Opposition? (Now this I would reeeally love as well as everyone else, I’m guessing. Wink, wink. lol please on this JLA!)

    I hope you answer all these questions! Btw, I love you; I’ve read every single one of your books and loved every single one especially this Lux series and the Covenant series. Although Lux all the way! Here’s to hoping for more like this series <3

  36. Do you have a New Adult series in the works? Kinda like the Lux series, but New Adult? Lol

  37. Also, will you be writing any Daemon POVs from Opal? (Like their first time, and also the last chapter for instance). I hope and pray you do! I’d even pay for it if ever…

    And lastly, will you ever reveal what Daemon wrote in the note Katy and Carissa were passing to each other that he stole?

    Thanks so much for this btw!

  38. Thanks for all your amazing books!I love every single one of them!Now, I must say that Origin was awesome, but how couldn’t it be since you wrote it!My question has nothing to do with your current series. But I was wondering:
    Will we ever see “Sebastian” (you introduced him to us a few months ago, when you posted a couple of chapters on your web site }in a book any time soon? Your sample chapters were AMAZING….

  39. Will Katy and Daemon have children? OMG if she was already pregnant and didn’t realise like Beth … Squeee!
    Can you give us hints as to what will happen in opposition?
    At the end are Daemon, Dee and Dawson mind controlled?
    Will Katy see her mother again?
    Will there be an epilogue in opposition?
    Will everyone find out about Katy and Daemon’s marriage?

  40. Hi Jennifer!
    Will we see more of Hunter and Serena in the next book? Is there a chance that we will read more about the Lux world in another spinoff series (besides Obsession)? *crosses fingers*
    Thank you!! (:

  41. Will we ever find out Luc’s connection to Paris?

  42. Oh God they get married?! Eek can’t wait even more! I’m sidetracking here are my questions:

    1) Will Aiden and Alex get married, have kids?

    2) Will Aiden and Alex have more sex in Sentinel (hope so!!)

    3) Will there be another Arum novel?

    4) Can you do adult novels for Lux and Covenant series?

    5) Ooh! There should be a Covenant and Lux crossover!! Okay this isn’t a question. But it’s an interesting idea. Hope you can consider that! It’d be so, so cool.

  43. Yay – thanks for doing this! A few questions:
    1) In Origin in the hotel after they escape, when Katy tells Daemon about how Blake “goaded her” did she ever tell Daemon about how Blake would sneak in her room at night in Opal? Or has she never told him this?
    2) The explanation about how the Luxen got to Earth surrounding light travel, how does this apply to Arum if they are darkness? Something similar?

    Thanks so much!

  44. I have a couple of questions.
    1) Is Blake really dead?
    2) Why was Luc and Archer not affected by the falling luxen being children of the luxen and mutated?
    3) Will Dee and Archer get together?
    4) Why is Beth written in a way that makes the reader distrust her?
    5) What happened to DB??
    6) Last question I promise. Is the book going to end like Roswell? The TV show about alien love where he returns home and leaves her behind and results in me crying for a week?
    Ps. Love your work. You’re an inspiration to all writers dreaming of becoming an author (myself included) πŸ™‚

  45. I am curious about Chris…
    1. Why did Blake have to punch him during the escape? Was it because he was did not approve of Blake’s choices?
    2. Did Chris die when Blake was killed or had their bond been severed in someway?

    1. I don’t think that was Chris. Don’t forget, Blake lured them there, they were meant to be trapped. I think he had to punch the guy because the guy really didn’t recognize him lol

      Also LH-11 can sever a bond I think?

  46. 1. Will Hunter be in the next book?
    2. Will the others find out about Daemon and Katy’s marriage?
    3. Would you still consider posting Daemon’s POV of the last chapter in Opal? <3

  47. When will the Origin audiobook be released? I’ve listened to the whole series and am dying for this one but feel weird reading it as opposed to listening..

  48. Will katy also be pregnant?? Please say yessss(:

  49. Will you ever tell us what Daemon wrote to Katy in the note he gave her in class (Onyx)
    Does the Covenant series end happy? Like, does Aiden and Alex stay together in the end?

  50. When discussing her writing of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series, J.R. Ward has said that the β€œthe stories in my head are in charge, and even I don’t get to see what I want to happen in the world occur.” Essentially, she allows the characters to speak for themselves and the plot to go where it may.

    How closely does your writing style resemble hers? In particular, when writing Origin how much of the story did you allow to evolve into its own path and how much did you decide would happen from the outset? For instance, Matthew’s betrayal (and subsequent death) along with Ash and Andrew’s deaths were shocking to me. Did you always know that those events would happen and if so, did you feel conflicted about β€œletting” them occur?

  51. I lovelovelove this series. My heart hurt tremendously after the third book. Gonna snag this book on payday. I heart all your writing, BTW.

  52. Just finished the book and loved the ending! My question are 1.) Was it hard writing all the scenes where Katy is being beat, poked, prodded and then getting her back sliced like that? It was painful thinking of her going through all of that. I cried several times. With that being said, I think that mentally anyone would break down after going through all that, especially an 18 y.o. Question 2 is, why did you make Katy so detached from everything?

  53. Hi Jennifer! Thanks for the opportunity to ask you some questions. Next to Christopher Pike you are by far my favorite author. Your dialogues are the shit.

    1. Any potential in a Cursed sequel?

    2. Do you have any interest in ever writing a Luc novella or spin-off book(s)? His origin story would probably be epic (growing up in Daedalus/or was he captured at a younger age, what Daedalus made him do/experiments/training, escaping, meeting Paris…) So much potential! Haha

    3. About how long will Opposition be? About the same length? Longest yet?

    Final question…
    4. Which of your books do you cherish most and why?

    Thanks again!

  54. When is the movieeeee??? :3
    And tell me that the end is gonna be AMAZING!

  55. Back in ONYX daemon said the he THINKS the stars in the sky are the DEAD LUXEN watching over them… are they? if they are the DEAD luxen …
    THEN WILL ALL the luxen who died through-out this series be alive?!?!

    I LOVE U Jennifer and I AM making sure GILROY,CALIFORNIA knows about you πŸ˜€

    BTW will the movie based on YOUR book be limited on some locations? πŸ™‚


  56. Any chance those of us who could not catch the live stream can catch the not so live stream? Dead stream? Zombie stream? Anything

  57. i just really need to know one thing…


    dying to know….

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