I have an update for those waiting on the digital versions of Apollyon, book 4 in the Covenant Series. The official release date is April 9th, but the e book versions have gone line on B&N and Amazon



Hope you guys enjoy!

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  1. Is it not available in the UK on Amazon yet?! When will it be released in the UK?!

    1. I don’t know about the UK, but I got my e-copy on the Kindle app and that’s from Amazon Spain, so you should be able to get it!

  2. OMG!!! can´t wait to read it!!!!!!!

  3. I so needed this news right now! I just finished a book about an hour ago that absolutely shredded my heart, and I was trying to decide which PN book to dive into so I could recover from that beautiful trauma. Now I have my answer! 🙂

  4. I can’t friggen wait to read this!!!! 🙂

  5. Woohoo mine is downloading as I’m typing this. I’m so excite I’m going to put the book I’m reading on hold so I can read Apollyon. Thank daimon babies amazon didn’t have any issues for once. 🙂 … Its downloaded so I’m going to read now lol

  6. Sloppily happy right now! Just got it!!!!!!

  7. just bought it on BN.com, AWESOME!!!

  8. I’m soooo happy! I scared my husband haha I just couldn’t stop screaming!!!

  9. YESSSSS!!!! *does happy dance*

    That also means not having to interrupt my Apollyon reading for a meeting at work on Tuesday!!

    I have AAAAALL Saturday to read it and enjoy and laugh and cry and whatever else!!

  10. where is it :(? just logged into amazon and I can only see it on paperback…boo!!! not happy :(.

  11. Hey, I can’t find this e-book on Amazon UK, and the whole covenant series is unavailable for download!!! What the hell!?

  12. AAAhhhhhh!!! I am so frickin’ excited! I had the paperback copy on pre-order, but when I saw the e-book go live last night I couldn’t wait.

    Of course, I have to work today so I haven’t had a chance to get into it yet – but I am devoting my Sunday to reading. :-)Of course, as soon as I finish it I will be screaming for Sentinel. (so impatient)

  13. Yay – best news in a long time =) Loved the book!

  14. While you’re giving out information… when do we get the Obsession cover? 🙂 It comes out in a bit more than a month so I’m guessing we’ll get it soon… right, right?

  15. Finished reading the book yesturday!!!! It was absolutely amazing!!!!! I loved it! Can’t wait for the next book!

  16. Can somebody link it to amazon?! Cant find it!!!

  17. yeaa the giveaway man I cant wait to read the book!!!

  18. Well, I have Apollyon (ebook) in my hands and I’m so excited about it, but my friend and I always start reading at the same time so we can comment about like crazy and she is out and like PLEASE, DON’T READ IT, LET’S START TOMORROW…and I’m just dying…I want St. Delphi love and some Seth (kinda have a soft spot for him, after everything)

  19. The book isn’t available in the UK amazon site?! why why why why why ??:(

  20. It is April 9 in Australia 2:06 after midnight and Apollion on Amazon on E-book Australia still not available. 🙁

  21. My fingers are literally itching to get that darn book on my nook! 2 days left and I want to die. Two days too long.

  22. You are amazing! I finished this book within hours of getting the ebook.

    You are such a talented author! I am so caught up in this story that I have been babbling theories at my husband for the last hour and he has no idea what I am talking about.

    Thank you so much for sharing your talent with the world. I can’t wait to read the next book. While I am sad the series is ending, I have a hunch that you will once again deliver an amazing novel with a beautiful ending.
    Thank you!!!

  23. I bought it on my kindle! Love it so far!!

  24. Soooo exited! Hoping for more awesomeness that I know will occur while reading!

  25. I can’t find the kindle version of Apollyon on Amazon UK, but other countries have there’s already 🙁 Is the digital book not available in the UK or something?

  26. I read on her twitter account earlier that apparently there are issues with the e book being published in the uk, something to do with the actual publisher. A bit ticked off because I’ve only discovered this series this past week and was able to download the first two and the following day couldn’t download deity. Now all of the covenant series has been pulled from sale on amazon. Going crazy grrr

  27. It appears as though it is the same in Australia. All of the Covenant books have been pulled from Amazon. I’m hoping that onces its the 9th in the US I may be able to download it. Fingers crossed. So unfair when I can see everyone commenting saying how good it is!

  28. Checking Amazon site since this morning, but still no Apollyon digital version. I am now on everybody’s nerves in my household because I’m talking nothing accepts about the book release. Hope I’ll have it by tonight.

  29. I just found Jennifer L. Armentrout 2 weeks ago and devoured her Lux Series, started on the covenant series on Friday and ALL the books disappear off kindle and I can’t find an Australian ebook site to download them from. Please let them on Amazon soooon.

  30. Aaa agh when is the kindle version of Apollyon be out in Australia can only find paperback. Please, please, please help I am desperate.

  31. Where is the kindle/eBook version?!?!? Has it been pulled permanently? I need this book like right now.

  32. Am still pretty devo that I can’t read Apollyon right now!!! Will someone please let us Aussies know when we can get it on Kindle since I’m kind of desperate to read it!!!

  33. What is happening is Amazon even aware that none of the Covenant series is available on Kindle in Australia. Jennifer can you please advise someone from Amazon that we “down under” are getting desperate to read you Apollyon book.

  34. I have just noticed that is available on B&N Nooks but not on Amazon Kindle.

  35. The Kindle version of Apollyon isn’t on the UK Amazon site either….I pre-ordered the paperback, but am having to wait up to 3 weeks for it to be delivered. Slightly p*ssed that it’s not available on Kindle STILL!!

  36. Hi i live in wales in uk and ive tried finding the kindle version on amazon and its not available. I was wondering if u know wat date it will b? 🙂

  37. hi can you please let me know why you can’t get apollyon from amazon for kindle and when will it be available if at all very disappointed.

  38. Im checking here every day to see if the kindle ebook will be released in Australia some soon. Please can we get some form of notice of what is happening?

  39. I’m from the UK and have been waiting since the 9th to download this, maybe kindle download for countries outside of the US are different days? Anyway I really hope it comes out soon on kindle! I just finished the lux series and seriously love both these book series!

  40. Very nice of someone to let us know what’s going on. Thanks for that!

  41. The kindle edition still isn’t out in the UK… well, it isn’t coming up for me anyway 🙁

  42. Is there an issue with ebooks in Aussie for the covenant series as I am having troubles even locating them….??!!

  43. Don’t suppose we could get some actual answers any time soon..?

  44. When will Apollyon be available on Amazon.co.uk for kindle? Please update soon!

  45. hi if you look at the apollyon book on here it says it will be out on april 25th

  46. Just under 2 weeks to wait until it comes out on kindle edition…

  47. Ahhh this was an amazing book! And i cant wait for the next one!

  48. Still no ebooks for the covenant series in UK amazon does anyone what’s happened????????????????????

  49. Will be out May 9th for UK,AUS and NZ I believe. sigh.

  50. Have you seen the price they’re charging for the Australian edition? I’m pretty sure I only paid $4 or $5 for the other books but they’re all priced at $12 now. Not saying the books aren’t amazing, but that’s a pretty sizable price difference for an eBook!

  51. Ahhhh just purchase the Barnes and Noble nook version and convert it with an online ebook converter so you can read it on your kindle. Just google the instructions! There can’t be anything wrong with this – the book is still being paid for afterall.

  52. Whoops sorry guys – mislead you there. You can’t purchase Barnes and Noble nook versions if you’re out of the country. Yep you have to just wait.

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